The Best Blue Hues For The Exterior Of Your Home

Color palette for ideas

Blue is one of the most popular colors in interior design. Many homes incorporate it into their exterior décor for a fresh and casual look. Blue hues are no longer relegated to the indoors only; exterior colors such as blue make excellent choices for blocking out unwanted sunlight or camouflaging your home looks. In fact, more and more professional painters are using blue tones to give structures a sleeker look. With some skillful application of beautiful blue tones, homeowners are creating exciting looks for every room on the exterior of their homes. Here are some ideas on the blue tones that you can use in your home.

Light Blue Color Schemes

The most commonly used shade is pastel blue, and this color is perfect for people wanting a neutral tone for their windows and exterior structures. Light blue shades, such as aquamarine and sky blue, can be used to add a fresh look to your home and provide a neutral tone that is not too intense or too bland. To make this color scheme work, you need to use a pastel shade to blend with your home’s interior and exterior color schemes. You can opt for a mix of lighter blues, but you should also try using tones such as blue-gray. Blue-gray is an excellent color for highlighting moldings and enhancing architectural details. It is also a popular option for those people that find blue to be too bright for them.

Brilliant Blues

If you want your home to stand out, you should consider using brilliant blue as a color scheme. These shades can work well as accent colors or as the leading color tone of your home. This color scheme does take some skill to create since you need to coordinate it with the other elements on the exterior of your homes, such as stonework and decking. You also need to incorporate it with the interior decor and furnishings of your home. It’s tempting to go for a darker shade such as cobalt blue, but lighter pastel shades will create a less overpowering and elegant look. 

When considering more than one bright blue shade for your home, you need to carefully coordinate the color shades to ensure that they complement each other rather than contrast. It’s a good idea to also pay attention to the natural light that will be illuminating the exterior of your home since blue works well with warmer light and looks elegant against cool sunlight.

Dark Blue

A dark blue exterior home design can create a stunning and classic look for your home. Darker blues, such as navy blue and royal blue, are bold colors and can work well to create an atmosphere of drama and elegance traditionally associated with luxury yachts. High-end modern homes often use dark blue windows to give them a uniform and elegant look. Darker shades of blue are also popular on structures with contemporary architectural details. A dark exterior color scheme is great for accentuating the details of your home’s structure. When applying dark blue tones, it is important to consider the type of shade that you choose. Make sure it will complement your home’s architecture and home décor

Accentuating A Blue Home Exterior

Now that you have already decided to make your home exterior look more appealing, you need to know how the colors could work with your color choice. 


Houses with blue themes work well with light-colored materials. If your home is made of wood or vinyl siding, you can use the lighter shades of blue, but make sure they are not too bright. Wood complements well with blue color schemes, and you can go for shades of dark blue, but make sure it is not too dark to give it good contrast.


One trick to accentuate the color shade you choose is to use a trim. Painting your home’s trim with colors that complement the exterior of your home will make your blue tones stand out. This keeps the focus on your house’s exterior rather than on some other interior or outdoor feature. In fact, a blue home can be covered by white trims around windows and doors. If you opt for a darker shade, make sure you wear the trims in a shade that is much lighter than your choice of exterior paint color. This will help create a small amount of lighter color around the window frames and doors.


Blue exterior house design is very good with light-colored landscape materials. White paving stones, lighter-colored mulch, and white flowering plants are all excellent choices for a home with a blue exterior color scheme. You can also go for dark greens, but make sure the contrast is not too intense with your chosen color shade. If you have a medium to bright blue exterior color choice, you can use darker colored landscape materials. But you should still use lighter colors for your flowers and plants to create a complementary look.


Another way to finish off your home’s exterior look is to use fixtures with colors that complement your color choices. For example, you can opt for fixtures such as door handles and door knockers, garage door handles, and even mailbox covers. This will help to bring your exterior together, creating a uniform look.

If you want to create a beautiful traditional home with a tint of elegance, then you should consider using shades of blue in the right tone and intensity in the exterior design of your home. However, be sure to use the right combination of color with your home’s structure and home decor. You can also visit  to find more information about the best ways to paint your home.


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