6 Signs It’s Time To Repaint Your House Exterior

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There is no exact timeline for how often you should repaint your home. It depends on a variety of factors, majorly the last time it last had a fresh coat. Experts estimate that you should repaint the exterior of your house every five to ten years depending on your exterior material and the climate conditions/patterns. However, the easiest way to find out is to consult an exterior house painter who will evaluate the situation and make a professional recommendation. 

If you are not sure exactly when your house was last painted, then this article will give you other visible signs that indicate your house asking to be repainted. There are several signs that your house exterior requires a new paint job e.g. fading of the original color, damaged exterior panels, cracked caulking, moisture stains and cracking, peeling, or bubbling on the walls. 

Your Original Colour Has Faded

Exterior paints are manufactured to withstand weather conditions like extreme sun, humidity, and snow. Over the years, even the most sturdily formulated paint will start to give way to the elements. Fading is often the first sign that your exterior paint job no longer offers the protection it once did on your exterior surfaces. 

Since we often spend a considerable amount of time picking the perfect color for our home’s exterior, it is advisable to have a fresh coat as soon as the old one begins to look tired. If you decide to repaint your exterior with a different color than the current one, do all the research you need before settling on a certain color. 

Your Caulking Is Cracked

Caulking is the material that is around windows and doors to efficiently seal them. If the cracks you notice in your caulking are small, then they can be fixed by simply filling the cracks with fresh caulking. The rule of thumb in home repairs is to act before the problem continues to cause extensive property damage. 

Large cracks in the caulking have probably been developing, ignored or unnoticed for some time and have already compromised the exterior painting. In such a situation it is best to replace the caulking and the exterior paint before the damage progresses. When considering replacing the caulking around your windows and doors, it is advisable to contract a professional to undertake the repairs. 

You Have Noticed Areas With Cracked, Bubbling, Or Peeling Paint

If you spot any paint on the exterior of your premises that appears to have bubbles, cracks, peels, blisters, or other signs of compromise, it may be time to repaint the whole exterior. Such bubbles and cracks leave the surface of the exterior vulnerable to mildew, rotting, and other kinds of weather damage. These signs of paint damage may be caused by weather damage, natural wear, and tear or a poor paint job. 

Any signs of bubbling, blistering, peeling, and cracking on your exterior paint job are likely to spread very fast. A stitch in time will always save nine in such a situation; timely repairs end saving homeowners money from the potential resultant damage. Contact an experienced exterior painting company to assess the damage and recommend a solution. 

You Observe Mold, Mildew Or Other Moisture Stains

Mildew, mold, and other moisture stains may be a mere surface issue that can be solved by a simple wipe, thorough scrub, or pressure washing depending on its stubbornness. However, some moisture stains come from within the surface of the exterior and these will either be difficult to clean or keep reappearing after you clean them. Such a stain should not be hastily painted over as it may continue to cause your exterior surface significant damage over time. 

If you are unsure what kind of moisture stain you are dealing with and the level of damage it has inflicted on your home’s exterior, the best course of action is to consult an exterior painting company. Reputable companies will send a professional to assess the damage and recommend an appropriate course of action. 

Your Exterior Surface E.g. Wood Or Stucco Panels Are Damaged

A big part of your exterior paint job’s responsibility is to protect the surface underneath from physical and weather damage. However, some surfaces may begin to wear out underneath thereby compromising the durability of your exterior paint. The best paint job cannot hold up if the panels underneath are falling apart, but the warping, cracking, or rotting. 

If you observe any signs of damage, for example, rotting in wood or cracking in stucco, it is advisable to assess the damage and perform the necessary repairs as soon as possible. After repairing the exterior surface, it is vital to give it a fresh coat of paint in time to preserve its quality. Such repairs must be undertaken by qualified professionals in order to guarantee the quality and durability of the work. 

Your Current Paint Job Is No Longer Aesthetically Pleasing 

Style trends and personal taste are dominating factors when considering the color of the exterior of your house. Over time, the design trends may change, or you may simply desire to change a color that has been present for years. Whichever the case, be sure to take your time when choosing a new color for your house. If you are unsure how to proceed, consider consulting an exterior house painting company for innovative ideas. 

If you have decided to repaint your house, take your time and choose the best exterior house painting company in your area. Shoddy paint jobs done by amateurs will fall into disrepair quickly and your home’s exterior will quickly begin to betray one or more of the signs listed above.

Repainting your home’s exterior is a serious project that should not be performed in a rush. Finding the right painters is the most important part of this process. If unsure of which to choose, consider personal referrals or online reviews. For expert services consider https://paintersnearnewhaven.com/exterior-house-painter/

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