Commercial Office Painters & Facility Painting

Every building has its own atmosphere, just like each individual has their own personality. As a commercial property or local business owner, you want your facility to look welcoming and friendly to your employees or potential clients. This is why it is so important that you hire the right commercial painting contractors from New Haven County for your office space or facility.

Infinity Painting LLC specializes in all aspects of commercial painting. We offer a wide range of services to meet your needs, including:

Our areas served are all across Connecticut. For more information, see our portfolio or contact us for a free estimate.

Interior Commercial Painting

Our professional painters will work with you from start to finish on your commercial interior painting needs. We’ll help you choose appropriate colors for an inviting and welcoming client space, provide upfront painting estimates and pricing, and ensure that you are completely satisfied with every aspect of your commercial paint service, from prep to cleanup!

Exterior Commercial Painting

Does your building facade need an update? The exterior of your commercial property is the first thing that a visitor or potential client or employee is going to notice about your business. Commercial exterior office painters like Infinity Painting can help you to choose colors that help your office building or facility stand out from surrounding structures and really show off the essence of your business. Our exterior facade painters have worked with a variety of surfaces, including wood, metal, brick, stucco, and shingles.

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Our Commercial Painting Process

Off-Hours Painters

With Infinity Painting LLC, you don’t need to put off repainting a commercial building because our painters are available during off hours! Convenient commercial property painting can be done because our painters work during off hours and shut down days! Our team will complete a thorough walkthrough of your building with you prior to your painting, ensuring that you know exactly what to expect once your commercial paint is completed.

Trusted Commercial Painting and Finishing Solutions

Looking for commercial painters near me? Infinity Painting has years of experience as trusted, friendly, professional painting contractors for commercial buildings and industrial properties. Let us take the stress out of hiring a commercial painter near me. We have a skilled team of more than 50 professional painters who practice safety and attention to detail in all of our painting projects.

We offer a selection of interior and exterior painting services designed to always have your commercial properties and office spaces looking their best. Call today to get a free estimate on your next painting project!

Most FLY-BY-NIGHT-painters, will last a couple of seasons, because they can’t maintain a level of professionalism, quality, customer service. For that reason we are the best commercial painting contractor you will find in the area! Here’s why:

We will write a very detailed estimate and contract that you can sign on the spot in most cases, and it will explain every inch to be painted and what will not be painted, you can count on it being a fair price for top of industry quality and materials. As opposed to some other painters' verbal estimate or written in a piece of a napkin.

In fact, we will show up at the time and day agreed, you don't need to worry, no guessing and wishing your painter would show up today.

Furthermore, we are committed to being honest with every client, even if that cost the sale, we are not pushy sales people, who will offer you levels of finish, or sell you a warranty for 2-3-5 years and charge you for it.

Lastly, we show up with a clean appearance and the utmost respect for your property and possessions. No smoking inside or around your property, you won't have to clean up cigarettes off your lawn.

Gary Merlone
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The most professional painter I have ever hired He is Always on time does a beautiful job and Never leaves you in a mess His work is nothing short of Superior Nobody comes close to the way he carries himself This is why I would recommend him to anyone!
52 Motors
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Great service with great pricing, Thank you for helping us renovate our new business offices. everything was good and easy felt very comfortable working with them will definitively be recommending you guys.

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Painting

Commercial paint is a type of paint designed specifically for businesses and commercial properties. These paints are created to withstand heavy use and exposure to different conditions without losing their aesthetics or protective capabilities. They are typically more durable and can resist frequent cleaning and heavy traffic better than residential paints. Due to the demands of commercial spaces, it is often advisable to seek professional help, like Infinity Painting, to ensure the right paint and application techniques are used.

A commercial painter specializes in painting commercial properties, such as offices, retail shops, restaurants, schools, and more. They are trained to handle large-scale jobs and are well-versed in using commercial-grade paints and equipment. They understand the unique needs of commercial spaces and work efficiently to minimize disruptions to your business. Our team at Infinity Painting consists of expert commercial painters dedicated to delivering superior service.


Commercial painting plays a crucial role in maintaining and enhancing commercial space’s aesthetic appeal and functionality. Well-painted business space can leave a positive impression on clients, customers, and employees, contributing to your business’s overall image. It also serves a protective purpose, safeguarding the building’s surfaces from wear, weather, and potential damage. Given the importance of this, it’s advisable to engage a professional painting service like Infinity Painting to ensure high-quality results.

While both commercial and industrial painters work in non-residential settings, the nature of their work varies. Commercial painters typically work on properties like offices, retail stores, and apartment complexes, dealing with aesthetic appeal and durability. On the other hand, industrial painters often work in more challenging environments like factories, power plants, or bridges. Their work focuses more on protective coatings for surfaces exposed to harsh conditions or chemicals. The paints and techniques they use differ based on these needs. At Infinity Painting, we can guide you to the right type of professional for your project.

Commercial painting is important for several reasons. It enhances the visual appeal of your business, which can draw in customers and improve employee morale. It also provides a layer of protection against the elements, preventing wear and tear and increasing the lifespan of the building. Finally, it can help meet certain regulations and safety standards in commercial spaces. As such, employing a professional painting service like Infinity Painting can ensure the job is done right with minimal disruption to your business operations.

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