Mistakes To Avoid When Selecting Interior Painting Colors

Interior paint pigments

Painting your room or home is an exciting project. If you plan to paint your home, it is vital to pick a color you can live with for many years. Choosing the right color for your room is not an easy job. The number of options available can leave you confused. At such times, you should keep your focus and pick the color that will fit all your requirements. You can speak to a painting company for advice on how and what color to choose for your room.

Given below are common mistakes people make while choosing a color for the interiors of their home.

Not Checking Samples

The lighting in the room plays an important role when choosing a paint color. It is important to find a shade that compliments your space well. You must use shade cards and samples to test whether the color goes well in the room. Since the light in the room can change, you must look at the colors in the morning, afternoon, and night with the lights on.

Missing the Bigger Picture

Most people make this mistake when picking colors for different rooms, especially those adjacent to each other. It is essential to pick color shades that work well together. It is important to plan so that you have enough time to pick the colors. If possible, choose colors that are close to each other on the color spectrum to go well with each other.

Putting Too Many Colors In One Room

Most people make the mistake of choosing too many colors for just one room. This is wrong. Ideally, you should stick to a maximum of three colors. And ensure that they complement each other well. Avoid putting too many colors in one room itself. If you choose bold and bright colors for a part of the room, let the rest of the room have lighter, neutral shades. This way, there will be a balance of color. Similarly, if you choose a neutral tone for a part of the room, make the decor or furnishings slightly brighter or darker.

Not Factoring In The Current Decor Of The Room

One of the easiest ways to choose the ideal color for your room is to think about what is currently present in the room. Keep the color palette, furnishings, and furniture in mind. Test the colors in the room that you are choosing the shade for. Avoid testing the swatches in a different or empty room.

Not Considering The Ceiling

Ceilings cover a large part of your room. But somehow, most people forget about them when picking colors to paint the room. Choose a light shade for the ceiling to complement the wall or a bold hue that acts as the main source of the color. This will create maximum impact in your room.

Following Trends Blindly

The colors that you use to paint your home are colors that you will live with every day. Ensure these are colors you love. Following trends may feel great, but what is trending currently need not always be what you like. Even if you like the current trends, use them in small quantities, like in the furnishings. These will not cost much as well. However, the paints on your wall are much more expensive. Hence, think before blindly choosing a trending color and pick a color that you think you will love seeing on your walls every day.

Matching Your Furnishings To Your Wall Color

This is another common mistake people make. You want the furniture and furnishings to contrast your walls, not merge with them. Avoid picking colors that match your furnishings. Instead, pick shades that will add a nice contrast to the color that is already present in the room.

Ignoring Lighting

While it is important to take the natural light in the room into consideration while painting your walls, you should not ignore the lighting present in the room either. This can impact the color of your room too. While a shade may look a certain way in natural light, it may not look the same in artificial light. Take the lighting in the room into consideration when picking a shade.

Assuming White Means No Color

Many people avoid using white in their homes. What most people don’t realize is that white is a powerful shade. Paired with the right kind of furnishings, it can transform any room and make it look elegant. Additionally, white also comes in many different shades these days. Hence, you don’t have to stick to just one shade and pick one that suits your requirement.

Sticking To A Single Color

This is another common mistake people make. While it is not a good idea to add too much color to a room, you should avoid sticking to a single color as well. If the room allows, use at least two colors that complement each other. This way, your room will not look dull or flat and will look vibrant.

Picking The Colors First

People who are moving into an empty house tend to choose the paints first before picking anything else. If you do this, you will have to find furniture and furnishings that suit the paint shade. Ideally, you should pick the color for your room last. Plan the room, get all the furniture and furnishings in, and then pick the color that suits the furniture. This way, you will be able to take cues from the fabric in the room as well.

Picking the right color for the interiors of your home is critical. It can make or break the look of your home. Speak to https://paintersnearnewhaven.com/ for advice and ideas on how to pick the right shades for each room in your house. Our professional painters have years of experience and will guide you based on the size, location, light, and furnishings inside the house. Contact us for an estimate to get your home in New Haven painted.


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