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A deck or patio is a major investment for your home. It will enhance the look of your home and give you another space to entertain guests and enjoy time with friends and family. For nature lovers, it may just be a peaceful place to relax at the end of a long day. Porches, decks, and patios are common in Central Connecticut; many are made from treated wood. That means that without proper maintenance and upkeep, your deck could fall into disrepair and even become a danger to your property. Luckily, there are ways that a painter in New Haven County can help you maintain your decking surfaces.

Affordable Options For Beautiful Cabinets

There are easy ways to keep your deck in good shape for years. Annual deck staining is a low-cost measure that many homeowners take in order to preserve the color, grain, and overall appearance and durability of their decking and patio installations. Deck staining can protect wood from the damages of extreme heat and cold and moisture.
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Our Deck Staining Process

Improve Your Property's Exterior With Professional Deck Stain

Staining wooden decking regularly will help to enhance the appearance of the surface. Professional stainers from Infinity Painting can even help you choose colored stains in varying transparency that make your deck stand out or better complement the colors of your home exterior paint.

Prevents Sun Damage

Unstained decks can suffer damage from harsh sunlight. It can lose its color and shape when it is exposed to the sun. It will also get dry sooner, making it susceptible to cracks. Getting professionals to put a good-quality stain on your deck will stop the sun’s rays from affecting the wood and destroying your deck’s look, thereby improving its longevity.

Prevents Moisture

Unstained decks can suffer damage from harsh sunlight. It can lose its color and shape when it is exposed to the sun. It will also get dry sooner, making it susceptible to cracks. Getting professionals to put a good-quality stain on your deck will stop the sun’s rays from affecting the wood and destroying your deck’s look, thereby improving its longevity.

Deck Staining Services to Prevent Moisture

Like the exterior paint in your home, a good quality deck stain will prevent water from entering the wood. Though it will not be as effective as paint, it will still be a barrier between water and wood.

Prevent Deck Rotting & Infestations

Since regular staining will prevent moisture, it will also prevent any kind of rotting of the wood and infestations. Since the wood is dry, you will not have any mold or mildew, nor will there be any pests or bugs that can affect the deck. As a result, your deck will be in good condition for a long time.

Most FLY-BY-NIGHT-painters will last a couple of seasons because they can’t maintain a level of professionalism, quality, and customer service. For that reason we are the best deck staining contractor you will find in the area! Here’s why:

Infinity Painting specializes in all aspects of house painting and commercial painting. We offer a wide range of services to meet your needs, including:

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You can find a painter all across Connecticut. See our portfolio or contact us for a free estimate for more information.

We will write a very detailed estimate and contract that you can sign on the spot in most cases, and it will explain every inch to be painted and what will not be painted, you can count on it being a fair price for top of industry quality and materials. As opposed to some other painters' verbal estimate or written in a piece of a napkin.

In fact, we show up at the time and day agreed, you don't need to worry, no guessing and wishing your painter would show up today.

Furthermore, we are committed to being honest with every client, even if that cost the sale, we are not pushy sales people, who will offer you levels of finish, or sell you a warranty for 2-3-5 years and charge you for it.

Lastly, we show up with a clean appearance and the utmost respect for your property and possessions. No smoking inside or around your property, you won't have to clean up cigarettes off your lawn.

Bill Hinkson
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Infinity Painting did an amazing job staining our newly seasoned deck. Gerardo was very professional and thorough. He explained every piece of the process and tested the humidity of the wood for proper stain application. Gerardo's work was outstanding and we'll be calling him again in the future for our other painting needs.
John Peppin
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Infinity has done lots of work for us, inside painting, outside painting, porches, ... they have always been the best!! They have always been willing to go beyond just the standard approach. For example on our porch, we needed a special approach. They were able to find what was needed and what worked. I highly recommend their services.
Chuck Semenza
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I have used these guys a couple of times now and they always do a great job! Gerardo always gets back to you and arrives when he says he will. The work was neat, clean, and exactly what we had hoped for.
Lilly Leiva
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The entire Infinity Painting’s team was fantastic. Arriving on time for an appointment and receiving timely/accurate estimate, the painting team (Gerardo and his crew) did a superb job, professionalism, efficiency and cleaning up after the job. We did a walk-through with them to ensure everything was done correctly. Thumbs up!

Frequently Asked Questions About Deck Staining and Refinishing

Staining your deck is vital for extending its life and maintaining its aesthetic appeal. It provides a protective barrier against the harmful impacts of weather, usage, and UV rays. However, the process requires expertise for the perfect application. We, at Infinity Painting, provide professional deck staining services that will not only enhance your deck’s look but also ensure its durability.

While it is possible to stain over a previously stained deck, the process requires thorough preparation to ensure optimal results. The condition of the previous stain, the cleanliness of the deck, and the type of the new stain all play significant roles in the final outcome. This process can be tricky, and consulting with a professional, like Infinity Painting, can save you time and provide a better finish.

Sanding can be an important step in deck staining as it opens up the wood’s pores for better stain absorption. It can significantly improve the final finish and longevity of the stain, particularly on older decks or those with existing coatings. However, not all decks require sanding, and a professional evaluation from Infinity Painting can guide you on the best preparation methods for your specific deck.

The decision to paint or stain a deck depends on a variety of factors, including your aesthetic preferences, the deck’s conditions, and maintenance considerations. Each option has its benefits. Stains are generally easier to maintain and highlight the wood’s natural beauty, while paints offer more color choices and may provide more protection. At Infinity Painting, we can help you make an informed decision and ensure professional application for a stunning result.

Stains enhance the natural beauty of the wood and provide protection against potential damage. However, staining is not a simple process; it requires careful selection of the stain type and expert application to serve its purpose effectively. Therefore, seeking professional help from Infinity Painting ensures the longevity and beauty of your deck, giving you peace of mind and a great finish.

Deck restoration services are vital for maintaining exterior decks. Staining deck surfaces is a key component of the restoration of decks. It enhances aesthetics and deck condition and shields the wood from the elements, preventing damage. Additionally, power washing is often used in preparatory work in the restoration project, ensuring a clean and durable finish.

To locate trustworthy exterior deck repair and restoration services, consider researching local providers offering deck services. Look for experienced companies that specialize in refinishing and deck staining services. Seek recommendations, read customer reviews, and ask for references to ensure you make an informed choice when selecting a reliable team for your deck project. Schedule an appointment for a deck staining service.  

Staining your deck as part of maintenance offers several key benefits. Deck stain serves as a protective barrier, preserving the wood’s integrity and preventing decay. It enhances the deck’s appearance, and many deck staining companies offer staining option, allowing you to customize the look while ensuring long-lasting durability for your restored deck.

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