What You Need To Know Before Painting Cabinets

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Unlike updating other aspects of your home, painting your cabinets is one of the quickest ways to give your home a face-lift, especially in your kitchen. Painting cabinets is also an affordable avenue to update your home’s aesthetic.  Before the project, we recommend getting tips from an experienced painting contractor to ensure the best painting of your cabinets. Even though the process takes time, especially if you use DIY skills, our ultimate guide to cabinet painting helps you avoid common issues.

Select Suitable Cabinet Painting Products

Like other painting projects, choosing the best paint for your cabinets should be a priority.  Some of the best painting products to use are:

DecoArt Satin Enamels

The DecoArt Satin Enamels is a unique painting product designed with acrylic elements to make it  a perfect cabinet painting option. Acrylic components of the paint give a durable and attractive satin finish for a long-lasting finish that complements your kitchen aesthetics.  The smooth brushability of the paint is another feature that gives your cabinets a high-end look . It ensures your cabinets have fewer brushstrokes or minimal grains, especially on wooden cabinets. There is also no need to sand or prime your cabinets before using this paint, which can save time during the painting process.  With DecoArt Satin Enamel paint there is also no need for a top coat for the paint to dry and adhere properly.

The Valspar or Behr Cabinet and Furniture Enamel

Like the first option, the Valspar and Behr Cabinet and Furniture Enamel products are another excellent option, and with good reason. The paint doesn’t get sticky like others, and you can quickly and lightly apply it to get the desired look for your cabinets.  When using the Valspar Cabinet and Furniture Enamel paint, ensure you’ve got enough paint for two or three coats before getting started.  Another great thing about these paint products is that they allow you to mix colors based on your aesthetic needs. Additionally, unlike other dyes, Valspar and Behr Cabinet and Furniture Enamels are readily available at your local hardware stores, making them a perfect option for semi-gloss finishes.  If you’re busy and don’t want to spend days on your painting project, this paint is an excellent choice because it doesn’t require sanding or preparations before painting your cabinets.

The Alkyd Paint, Primer, and Sanding

If you’re looking for durable and resistant painting products, the Alkyd Paint, Primer, and Sanding paints offer excellent protection against wear and tear.  They are  scratch-resistant, so they are one of the best cabinet paints for high traffic areas in your home, including your kids’ playrooms, hallways, and more. These oil-based paints also help your cabinets shine, making them more attractive and easier to clean, as dust is more easily cleaned from oil paints.

The paints are also resistant to harmful elements such as moisture and humidity.  If you use water around your cabinets, especially in the kitchen and bathroom, you’ll want easily washable and water-resistant paints, like the Alkyd paints. You can even use these paints in other areas! The glossy and durable paint finishes allow you to use these products on doors, trim, and baseboards.

Again, these paints come in two types – the traditional and the hybrid. The traditional Alkyd paints are oil-based and smoother, making your cabinets more shiny and highly attractive. On the other hand, the hybrid paints are water-based, meaning they are the best option if you’re looking for highly washable paint, especially for your kitchen and bathroom cabinets.  Regardless of your cabinets’ materials, any Alkyd paints work perfectly considering they are easy to paint and clean.

The Zinsser BIN Primer and Valspar Cabinet Enamel Paint

Unlike other types of cabinets, laminate cabinets demand unique paints that can bond to laminate coating. The Zinsser BIN primer and Valspar Cabinet Enamel is the best paint option for this job.  The color is excellent! Plus, the paint can help if your cabinets have holes. It perfectly covers knots, holes, and stains, especially for cabinets made from slippery materials with slippery surfaces.

How to Perfectly Paint Your Cabinets

While there is no standard method for perfectly painting your cabinets, our expert tips can help make the process smoother.  Those tips include:

Keeping Realistic Expectations

Regardless of the appearance of your cabinets during the painting process, stay realistic about the results. If you’ve got warped, chipped, or otherwise damaged cabinets, don’t start painting until you fix such damages.  For example, if you have big scratches or chips in the cabinets, you can use wood filler to patch up before painting. Having realistic expectations also dictates how you plan and execute your painting. Decide whether a particular type of paint is enough or you’ll need a mixture. Additionally, decide if you’ll use your DIY painting skills or you’ll need a budget for professional services. 

Clean and Prepare Your Cabinets First

Cleaning and preparing cabinets are vital for the best paint job. Don’t just grab paint and start painting without removing dust and dirt. These particles might affect the paint’s stickiness and dryness.  

We recommend you first sand your cabinet surfaces thoroughly before applying primer. Also, apply primer correctly by following manufacturing guidelines for the best results on your painting project.  If there are stains on your cabinets, you can use stain-blocking primers to cover those up and prevent unexpected painting blotches after the paint dries.

Label Your Cabinet Doors and Drawers

To avoid mixing up your cabinets when painting, label the doors and drawers. This will reduce confusion when reattaching the cabinets after painting. You will know exactly where each cabinet door and drawer belong. Doing this also makes it easier to identify which cabinets may need extra attention. For example, the cabinet drawers may need special painting treatment or additional coats of paint.

Avoid Using Paintbrushes

To correctly paint your cabinets, avoid using painting tools that cause streaks and other noticeable marks. Many paint brushes can leave streaks or other marks, especially if they are low quality tools. This is why we recommend using spray guns instead. Spray guns give you smooth and attractive finishes. Plus, they can make cabinet painting much faster!

Determine the Best Budget for the Process Before You Start

To ensure fantastic results with smooth and clear finishes, you want to avoid cheap paints and tools. Therefore, it’s important to allocate the proper budget for your painting job. You must do your research on the best paint type and how much it costs, as well as how big of an area you need to cover. Ensuring you have enough paint to cover all cabinets with the necessary number of coats is crucial for the best results. 

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