How To Choose The Right Painting Contractor

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Painting is one of the most common home improvement projects done by homeowners. A new coat of paint comes with many benefits. Whether interior or exterior, the value of your house gets a major boost. It also prevents damage on walls, ceilings, doors e.t.c. While it may sound like a simple task without much thought, getting the right guy to do the job might make you break a sweat. The big question remains, how do I hire the right professional paint contractor?

Below are some facts to consider before you hire a painter. 


Every industry has its fair share of quacks, painting not excluded. To avoid disappointments, do a background check to know if your potential painter is capable of doing the work. At least 2 years of experience would be ideal. Without experience, the risk of mismanaging the materials provided is high. An inexperienced contractor may also deliver substandard quality. 


A good painting contractor should able to keep up with the latest industry trends. They should have thorough knowledge about the suitable products like paints and brushes. By asking for a few recommendations before the job, you will be able to tell if they are fit. 

<h2>Legal Compliance and Insurance Cover</h2>

A reputable contractor should be insured and licensed by the state. Workers’ compensation and general liability insurance are also mandatory. In case of any eventuality during the project, insurance can help protect the workers on the site and your property.

<h2>Employees or Subcontractors?</h2> 

Get to know whether the contractor has direct employees or relies on subcontractors. If they have employees, the contractor should cover their compensation and insurance. If they are subcontractors, they should cater to their insurance policies. In both scenarios, the contractor should produce proof of business and the workers’ insurance. 

<h2>Ask for Formal Estimates</h2>

A genuine contractor will not give you a cost estimate before viewing the site. If any tries to over one remotely, cancel the deal. A painting project comes with its unique characteristics. This confirms to us that it is impossible to come up with the project cost without doing a proper assessment. Most importantly, the estimates should be done in a formal manner, not just a rough scribble on paper. 

<h2>Consider the Cost</h2>

While cost may be the pillar to the entire project, do not hire a contractor based on it alone. Try to weigh the balance between their skills, experience, insurance, knowledge of safety precautions, and so on. As expected, the lowest bidder will have the least of these qualities. Ridiculously high prices do not translate to great quality too. 

<h2>Bottom Line</h2>

With those few but essential tips, you can be sure to get the right painting contractor. At Infinity Painting LLC, we offer services in deck staining, commercial painting, kitchen cabinet painting, interior, and exterior painting. We are certified members of the Painting Contractors Association and Pro Painter Network. For inquiries, get in touch with us at

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