Color Ideas To Make Your Home Come Alive

Color palette for ideas

Have you been spending more time at home like the rest of us?

From quarantine to working from home, you may have noticed that the walls in your home need a bit of touch up or a total change.

What would our lives be like without color?

Can you imagine living in a black and white world? Think about it.

We tend to take for granted this amazing gift that enriches our lives all day, every day. It is our emotional barometer. Color and emotion in our homes are as related as music and emotion in the way our moods are affected.

Do you ever wonder why that beautiful color in your friends home looks horrible in yours?

Did you know that lighting, furniture, and even if your home is facing north or south are some of the many factors that can affect the paint colors you choose?

Choose The Right Home Color

Did you want a sophisticated light blue color but ended up with a baby boy blue? Does it feel icy? Maybe it’s just not what you wanted at all! Well, paint color can be tricky, and a bit sneaky for sure.

You might be feeling stressed lately, and your decor is not helping.

In fact, did you know that choosing the right paint color can actually help lower your blood pressure and ease anxiety? It’s safe to say that this is not an easy decision.

What’s The Best Color Mood For Your Home?

Best Home Color Ideas


You may want a color such as Benjamin Moore Healing Aloe or Silvermist. These color ideas are soft, tranquil and calming.


If you want something neutral, but contemporary, then give Edge-comb Gray or Pale Oak a try. The colors you select for your home can evoke specific emotions and affect your mood.


Are you feeling sad? Why not try a cheerful color like Hawthorn Yellow, it’s literally like sunshine in a bottle!


Exercising is key for well being.

Need motivation to workout in your home gym? Why not give a shade of orange or purple a try?


Color and paint decisions can be tricky, and we have experts on hand that can help you demystify the entire process of selection, and execution. We know these are unsettling times. We understand that your home environment needs to be safe, stress free, and colorful.

Here at Infinity Painting, we understand our customers have different needs and we are here to help you make your home come alive again. We provide the best painting services for homes and offices. Make sure the color ideas for your home become a satisfying reality.



We only use the safest products, with zero or low VOC’s and our crews take the safety precautions to keep your environment safe and healthy.


We have a trained Benjamin Moore expert paint color consultant on staff to help you select that perfect color that you desire! We are here to assist you!

In these stressful times, we at Infinity Painting vow to make choosing a paint contractor and selecting paint colors as stress-free as possible. Let us help you change your world, and change your life, one color at the time.

Want to give your home a warmer, calmer, and pleasant look and feel?

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Let’s make your space a healthy and nurturing environment.


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