House Painting – Fall Season Guideline: Where To Paint And Where Not!

Exterior house painting

At the end of the summer months, there is a huge chance that you may still have a few unattended things on your home improvement to-do list. If house painting is on that list, the fall season isn’t a bad time to get started. However, the clock is ticking fast, and waiting too long can affect the outcome of your painting project, so you need to get started as soon as possible. You can begin with the exterior walls, front door, exterior window frames, and outdoor trims.

To Paint Or Not Paint? – That Is The House Painting Question!

Many people are scared to paint in the fall. This fear is valid; however, there have been many improvements in the painting world. Manufacturers are improving paint and quality, making it better for use in some not-so-ideal situations. Are you looking for a cue to paint your home in the fall season? This is it!

Painting your home in the fall offers many advantages, including eliminating summer heat. However, fall painting isn’t without its set of rules. Below are the rules to keep in mind.

  • Exterior paints and stains should not be applied when the temperature is less than 50 degrees.
  • Ensure that a steady temperature of above 35 degrees is maintained for at least 36 hours after painting.

Focus on The Kitchen

Painting your kitchen in the fall season is a great idea; however, you must complete this project before the temperature drops drastically. Your kitchen surfaces should be prepared and dried before the painting begins. It is recommended that you halt cooking about 48 hours before painting is done. This reduces humidity and improves the outcome. Ensure that the paint is given enough time to dry before resuming cooking and other activities.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Kitchen cabinet painting is a delicate task that requires attention to detail. DIY kitchen cabinet painting in the fall can be a bad idea. You can, however, hire professional kitchen cabinet painters like Infinity Painting LLC to get the job done. Our commercial painters know how to approach the job to increase the chances of success.

Key Takeaways

House Painting, especially in the fall season, can be a tricky project to undertake. However, it is far from impossible with some of the new paint materials on the market. Some of the important points to note as you attempt this job include; 

  • The best hours for fall painting are between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm when the surface is cured and the heat is right.
  • Follow the sun’s direction when painting in the fall to improve drying time.
  • Paint dries more slowly in the fall. If you need a second coat, allow the first layer to dry for at least 24 hours before application.
  • Be careful of the winds as they could blow leaves or debris onto your painting surface.
  • Pay attention to the dew points. Only apply primers, paints, or stains when the surface temperature is at least 5 degrees higher than the dew point.

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