Coloring Your Home Tastefully

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Coloring your home is an appealing prospect as it represents your personality and your thought process. Your home is a place where you relax and spend most of the quality time. Therefore, you must choose the right colors and shades that match your character. Even if you choose the right color, the blend may not always work. As a result, the outcome may have the potential to put you off and ruin the whole experience. Hiring a painting contractor is a wise choice if you are unsure of what you want your home to look like.

Color Tones

Primary colors are vibrant and exciting. However, these colors are not for everyone’s taste and personality.  The use of color should be playful. There needs to be a scheme between the lights, shadows, and colors. Solid and primary color tones are more static and limit the activity. You can choose lighter tones that make your rooms bright, encouraging the play as the sun moves. Curtains are always there if you wish not to participate in the game. Clever use of neutral colors and tones can cut through the dominance of primary colors in the home and provide the necessary balance.

Setting the Mood

Colors are influential. Colors can help elevate your mood, develop confidence, generate positivity and give comfort. It is remarkable how effective colors are in human life. You should invest enough time to select the correct color pallet for your home. There are reasons why big corporations and businesses emphasize the use of specific colors in their advertisements.

As per research, red and blue are the most used colors. The red color is said to create excitement. Red is the preferred choice of fast-food companies like KFC and McDonalds to entice their customers. The color sets the customers’ mood. Hence, if you opt for the color red, you are generally highly active and restless and vice versa.

Yellow color of Joy

The yellow color is associated with happiness. It represents the sunshine which is bright and full of life. You can use the color yellow in your living room, giving a cheerful environment. Also, you can opt for strategic use of the color yellow to provide the right balance of cheerfulness. For example, you can paint one wall yellow in your bedroom to cheer you up in the morning.

Blue Trust and Security

The blue color is associated with trust and security. Some of the leading technology companies like Samsung and VW have used blue in their logo.  Blue generates emotions and triggers feelings. Blue can be combined with other colors to balance your emotions. One of the reasons why Ikea uses the combination of yellow and blue in its logo. The logo aims to cheer and provide a sense of security and assurance to its customers, identifying with the products. Excess of anything is wrong. Hence, the overuse of blue color could be overpowering and express your state of controlling things through power. Therefore, to balance out, you should use other colors with blue.

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