Infinity Painting LLC is your ultimate destination for superior painting services in East Haven, Connecticut! With a rich legacy rooted in an unwavering commitment to quality, we pride ourselves on turning spaces into vibrant, lively canvases that reflect your style and personality.

Our team of seasoned professional painters are not just experts in their field, they’re visionaries committed to infusing life into every project they undertake. Whether you’re imagining a bold, dramatic design or a subtle, elegant finish, our team has the skill and creativity to bring your ideas to life.

Our portfolio is as diverse as it is extensive. Our versatility in handling various interior and exterior paint projects has distinguished us as the preferred choice among East Haven residents and businesses.

Ready to embark on a paint project that transcends the ordinary? Get a free estimate today, and let us take the first step together in creating a space that resonates with beauty and charm. With Infinity Painting LLC, the best professional painters in East Haven areas your paint  project is in skilled, reliable hands


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In the professional landscape, the aesthetic appeal of your workspace speaks volumes about your brand. That’s where Infinity Painting LLC comes in, offering unrivaled commercial painting services in East Haven, CT. We understand the nuances of commercial paint  and its significant role in creating a welcoming ambiance for employees and customers.

Our team of professional painters is skilled in delivering high-quality paint services tailored specifically to your business needs. We are well-versed in painting various commercial properties, from offices and retail spaces to industrial buildings and warehouses. Whether your goal is to inspire your workforce with vibrant color schemes or attract customers with a polished, modern look, our expert painters are up to the task.

So, whether you’re a local store aiming for a cozy, classic look or a corporate office seeking a sleek, contemporary design, Infinity Painting LLC has the expertise and vision to create the perfect environment for your clientele and workforce. Engage with us today, and let us transform your commercial space.

Over time, weather elements can wreak havoc on your deck, diminishing its once-vibrant appearance and structural integrity. At Infinity Painting LLC, we’re here to reverse that damage and bring new life to your outdoor spaces through our premier deck staining and restoration services in East Haven areas.

Our deck specialists start by thoroughly assessing the condition of your deck. We identify signs of damage, such as wood decay, loose boards, or faded stains, that could affect your deck’s appearance and safety. Once we understand the issues, we employ the finest materials and techniques to restore your deck.

Meanwhile, our restoration services focus on resolving structural issues, ensuring your deck is visually appealing but also safe and sturdy. From replacing damaged boards to reinforcing loose parts, we treat all restoration tasks professionally.


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Elevate your living space with Infinity Painting LLC’s exceptional residential painting services in East Haven areas. Our professional painters understand that each house is unique, and so are its paint needs.

As part of our comprehensive paint services, we handle all aspects of residential painting. This includes preparation work, such as surface cleaning, minor repairs, and priming, to the final paint application. We follow a meticulous process to ensure uniformity and precision, resulting in a flawless finish.

Beyond delivering high-quality painting services, we prioritize a clean and organized workspace, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily routines. We are committed to delivering a paint experience that is as seamless and stress-free as possible. Experience quality, craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction with Infinity Painting LLC. Let us help you transform your house into a home.



Make the perfect impression with the right exterior look for your home. Our exterior painting experts have the experience and knowledge to bring your ideas to life.


Updating your house interior is a delicate process that we can manage with ease. Our interior painters will work with you, discuss your preferences, offer professional recommendations, and deliver a masterpiece.


Our kitchen cabinet painting contractors can help you revamp your cabinets, giving the heart of your house a new feel and look. Revamp your kitchen in style when you work with us.


Show off your newly stained and refinished deck and add value to your house when you contact our deck staining and refinishing contractors. We stay on top of the latest trends and use the best quality materials.


East Haven is known for its picturesque shoreline, rich history, and vibrant community. It is also home to the Shore Line Trolley Museum.

Yes, East Haven is a great place to live due to its proximity to the beach, community events, and quality schools.

East Haven offers various recreational options, including parks, beaches, a trolley museum, restaurants, and community events.

East Haven is approximately 4 miles east of New Haven, making it convenient for commuting and enjoying the amenities of a larger city.

As of the last census in 2020, the population of East Haven is estimated to be around 29,000 people.

Local Information

Experience the Coastal Life

Positioned along the breathtaking coastline of Connecticut, East Haven is a distinctive town brimming with historical richness and a strong sense of community. Established in 1639, the town carries an age-old legacy that complements its lively present. Housing nearly 30,000 inhabitants, it serves as a peaceful sanctuary while also being a stone’s throw away from the dynamic city of New Haven.

East Haven is celebrated for its peaceful beaches that offer a sublime retreat for residents and tourists alike. Adding to the charm of this coastal town is the historical Shore Line Trolley Museum, the oldest running trolley museum in the United States. East Haven always has options to explore and experience. The town is brimming with enticing dining experiences that range from gourmet restaurants to quaint cafes. 

East Haven, CT, seamlessly marries the quaint appeal of a small town with the captivating allure of coastal life. Discover the uniqueness of East Haven and immerse yourself in its charming rhythm of life.

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