Welcome to Infinity Painting LLC, Bethany, CT’s source of professional painting services. We are proud to bring a broad array of superior painting solutions to homeowners and businesses in Bethany, CT, offering unmatched quality and customer satisfaction. Whether you’re in need of interior painting, exterior painting, or commercial painting, our expert team is ready to deliver.

Our wealth of experience in the painting industry, coupled with our dedication to excellence, enables us to provide painting services that elevate the aesthetic appeal and increase the value of your property. Trust Infinity Painting LLC to handle your painting project with the utmost professionalism and a keen eye for detail. For more information, call us today to start your painting project for your home!

Interior pAINTER in Bethany, CT

Our interior painting services in Bethany, CT, are designed to transform your living or workspace into an aesthetically pleasing environment. The interior paint of your home or business speaks volumes about your style and personality. At Infinity Painting LLC, we aim to capture and bring your vision to life.

We understand the transformative power of color and utilize this to create a space that reflects your taste. Our team uses high-quality paints and advanced techniques to deliver a flawless finish, ensuring your satisfaction at every process step. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction remains our primary focus from the initial consultation to the final walkthrough.

Exterior PAINTERS in Bethany, CT

Enhance the curb appeal and protect your property with our top-notch exterior painting services in Bethany, CT. The exterior of your property is the first impression people get. It’s crucial to ensure that it looks its best.

Our professional painters employ a comprehensive approach, from meticulous preparation to the final coat, to deliver a finish that looks fantastic and stands up to the elements. We use premium-quality paints resistant to fading and weathering, guaranteeing a long-lasting, vibrant finish that enhances your property’s appeal and value.

HOUSE pAINTER in Bethany, CT

Infinity Painting LLC offers unmatched residential painting services in Bethany, CT. Our painting professionals are dedicated to making your home look its best. We work with homeowners to understand their unique requirements, preferences, and style, then create a personalized plan to achieve the desired result.

We offer advice on color selection and finishes to match your home’s architecture and decor. Our detailed-oriented approach ensures a seamless and stress-free painting experience, from preparation to cleanup. With Infinity Painting LLC, you’re not just getting a fresh coat of paint; you’re getting a commitment to excellence and superior customer service.

Services We Offer


Your kitchen is the heart of your home and deserves to look its best. Our kitchen cabinet painting contractors are here for you. Brainstorm with us and challenge us to deliver an outcome that'll WOW you!


Elevate your mood and set the perfect tone for relaxation when you work with the leading interior painting contractors. Rest assured that our detailed process will leave you more satisfied than expected.


Our exterior painting contractors at Infinity Painting LLC can help to revamp the dull and drab look of your home exterior. Get in touch with us to discuss ideas and how to make it happen.


Enjoy the best of your outdoor space with our deck staining and refinishing services. Trust us to help out with your deck renovation needs too.


Our offices are open between the hours of 6:00 am and 5:00 pm from Mondays to Saturdays. Contact us within those hours to discuss your painting needs.

Our house painting services cover all areas of your home, depending on the extent of your project and needs. We offer interior and interior house painting, cabinet painting, deck staining and refinishing, etc.

Our Bethany, CT house painting services are affordably priced and our painters charge a fair price to meet your painting needs. Contact us to get an estimate.

Bethany, CT Local Information

Embracing the Charm of this Enchanting City

Serving as local business partners to the enchanting city of Bethany, CT, we at Infinity Painting LLC have developed a profound appreciation for the unique charm and character of this community. Renowned for its lush landscapes and serene rural ambiance, Bethany is a city that beautifully merges the tranquility of countryside living with the conveniences of modern life.

Beyond the vibrant hues and high-quality finishes, we bring to local properties, we’ve cherished the chance to connect with the warm and welcoming residents of Bethany. Their stories and shared experiences enrich our understanding of the city, allowing us better to tailor our services to the community’s needs.

Bethany’s commitment to maintaining a strong sense of community, well-preserved natural parks, and excellent educational institutions make it a wonderful place to live and work. As part of this community, we are passionate about contributing to its charm and vibrancy through our professional painting services. In every stroke of our paintbrush, we aim to reflect the spirit and beauty of Bethany, CT, adding color to the city we are proud to call home.

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